Who says you can’t have it all? Certainly not Bruiser. This guy seems to be the one that catches everybody’s eye. And it’s easy to see why. Not only is he built like a Sherman tank, he’s got color for daaaays. And that cute pinto markings! For more infomation about any of the puppies in this litter, or to arrange to come meet your favorite, feel free to call 205-390-8680 or email puppytailmail@gmail.com

The sire is an English Bulldog, and the mom is an Old English Bulldog. So these puppies are 50% EB, 50% OEB and 100% adorable. Whether you’re looking for an Old English that’s a little stockier and beefier than most, or whether you’re looking for an English that maintains that sturdy, squatty Bulldog look, but comes with more of the health and stamina advantages of the OEBs, I think you’re sure to love the way this litter came out.