We have all of the popular sexes of English Bulldog puppies at the moment except for one.  Lol.  Yep, this litter is ALL mischievous boys… Not a sweet girl to be found amongst them anywhere.  🙂   But they’re awfully handsome and playful!   Meet Hemingway, Lenny, Squiggy, Scoobie, Quesadilla and Noodles, y’all!


Hemingway – male English Bulldog – $1200


Lenny & Squiggy – Male English Bulldogs – $1200 (each)

Confession: Lenny & Squiggy are so similar that when I went to edit the pictures I wasn’t entirely sure on some of the pictures which was which.  Here’s a hint – Lenny is a little bigger and Squiggy has a little more wrinkle on his face.  They are both solid white except for a few small freckles on their ears.


Scoobie – Male English Bulldog – $1200


Quesadilla – Male English Bulldog – $1200


NOODLES – Male English Bulldog – $1200